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Index of Topics [Jul. 1st, 2020|02:13 pm]
How to Apply for a Johnny's Fan Club
      ☆ Navigating johnny's net FC members' site
      ☆ Applying for Concerts/Butai/Events
      ☆ Using the Japan Post ATM
      ☆ Applying to be in the TV Studio Audience
      ☆ Checking if you hit for tickets
      ☆ Understanding your TV show audience emails

How to get Johnny's Web on your phone
      ☆ Registering for Email updates
      ☆ Stages and special gifts

Applying for tickets through Playguide

Buying tickets for non-FC Members (no longer available)

Getting there:
Tokyo Venues (includes Yokohama and Chiba)
Sapporo Dome
Osaka Venues
Nagoya Venues
Sendai Venues

The Official Johnnys Shop in Harajuku
The Official Johnnys Shop in Nagoya
The Official Johnnys Shop in Osaka
The Official Johnnys Shop in Fukuoka
Johnny's Family Club (Shibuya)

How to make a neon uchiwa

Rules for attending concerts and plays

Arashi related places
JE Restaurants

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[lyrics] Bittersweet [Jan. 13th, 2014|09:51 pm]

夢の中で君と笑えるなら ありのままを
伝えたくて 分からなくて ただ君だけを見つめてた
離れた場所からでも届くから 今どこかで
幸せを運ぶ 甘く切ない君の歌

巡り会えた奇跡がほら この胸を

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[venue] Sapporo Dome (Hokkaido) [Jan. 6th, 2012|12:19 am]
[Tags|, ]

Sapporo Dome (札幌ドーム)
Official site (in English)

Sapporo Dome is located  in Hitsujigaoka in Hokkaido.

It seats up to around 53,000.
Seating chart. (note that this does not show Arena seats.  These tend to vary depending on the set up of the stage)

札幌市営地下鉄東豊線 Sapporo City Metro Toho Line (light blue line) 《福住駅》 Fukuzumi Station.
      Take the #3 exit to the street level and you should see the dome in the distance to your right. To get to the dome, take the pedestrian crossing.  The goods are usually sold on the opposite side of the dome so walk towards the corridors and head to the South side of the dome.

Note: There are also buses and taxis available.
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[getting there] Nagoya Johnny's Official Shop [Jan. 5th, 2012|11:50 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

The Johnny's Shop in Nagoya is open from 10:30am~6:30pm  everyday.

For Nagoya (I've been to this shop a few times)...

The closest way to get there is to get off at ShinSakaemachi Station and use exit #1 (1番出口). You will be facing the 153 at that point. Cross the 153 and keep walking straight along Nishiki Dori. After a few minutes, you will pass a Lawsons on your right. Then, when you cross the 19, you will come to the Komeda's Coffee, you will see the Johnny's bright pink neon sign on the 2nd floor of the gray building in the next block. To get in, go into the building and take the stairs to the second floor.

If you go through Sakae Station, it's a little bit longer of a walk, but you can get there by taking the #4 exit (4番出口). And walking away from the Nagoya TV tower towards the 41. There is a pedestrian bridge that you have to use in order to stay on the left side of the road. If you don't walk on it, there's an area that will force you to make you cross Nishiki Dori twice to get just right across from the side street... so take the pedestrian bridge. Once you cross the 41, keep walking till you see a 10 story building. The building next to it will be gray, and that's the Nagoya Johnny's shop.

This is the address:
名古屋市東区東桜2-14-7 プロト

***Photos to come soon***
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Regarding Manners at Concerts... [Feb. 8th, 2011|12:15 am]

The following rules have been translated from this site.

They are written by an Arashi fan, and include a lot of personal accounts

But the basic rules apply to ALL JE cons.

偉そうなこと書いてますが、私だってお手本となるような 優等生ファンではございません。ですが、なるべくご迷惑にならないようにとは、心がけております。「ルール」のいっぱいあるコンサートなんて堅苦しいと思 いつつも、常識程度のことですが、嵐を含め、ファン皆が気持ちよくコンサートを楽しめるようにARASHICにも記載させて頂きます。追加、間違いなどご ざいましたらご指摘ください。

Manner matters so please take your time and think about how you, yourself, your friends perform at Arashi concert. Yes, there are “rules” and honestly I am no where close being perfect. However, I am sure that you love Arashi just like all the other fans so let’s be “good” and let the boys enjoy the moment. Aiba-san, Matsumoto-san, Ninomiya-san, Ohno-san, and Sho-san having the greatest time makes our day and that leads to our happiness!!

[ うちわ ] ~Uchiwa=Fan

  • 規定サイズ:横29.5cm×縦28.5cm
    [ Size regulation: width:29.5cm / height 28.5cm ]
  • 上げる高さは胸の位置まで
    [ Do not raise the fan higher than your chest. ]
  • ちょっとでも目立ちたくて高くあげてしまったり、興奮して思わず振り回してしまう気持ちもわかんでもないですが、周りに迷惑になるのでやめましょう。ちなみに、私は、興奮した状態の自分に責任が持てないため、うちわはライブ中持ちませーん。
  • [It is understandable that you want to be noticed so you want to raise your uchiwa up a bit higher, or you are excited and don't realize you are doing it, but it becomes a nuisance to those around you, so it's better you don't do it.  The author says that in order to not cause problems to those around her, she doesn't bring an uchiwa at all. ]

    [ 禁止事項 ] ~The DO NOTs

    • ボード、スケッチブック、画用紙
      [ No message board. No sketch books.]
    • 以前、他国でのライブ時に電光掲示板を見たことがあります。ボードに電球が沢山ついていました。さすがに日本でコレは見たことありませんが、コレも当然ダメです。
    • 座席移動
      [ Don't change seats. Don't travel around. ]
    • 前に大阪で一人参加をしたとき、お隣のキレイなお姉さんもお一人様だったことがあります。話しを聞くと大野さんの大 ファンで韓国からコンサートのために何回も来日しているとのことでした。あたしも大好きだけどさ、あんたも相当好きなんだね〜と思い、大野さんのソロ時に 座席を変わってあげたことがあります。だって、ちょっとでも障害物少なく近くで見たいでしょ。それくらいは善かれと思ってますが、大きな大移動はやめま しょ。
    • 座席に立つ行為(子供であろうが厳禁)
      [ Don't stand on the seats. Doesn't matter, even you are short or got kids. ]
    • 小さいコはなるべく親子席がいいですよね。アリーナであると埋もれて子供目線では何も見えない可能性が高いので。でも だからと言って、座席に立つのはダメです。危ないし、周りが迷惑。あたしだってさ、キョンキョン並に小さいから(平成のコには、矢口ッちゃんという代名詞 のほうがわかりやすいね)椅子に立ちたいって思うことくらいあるわさ、でも、さすがにそんなことはしない。思うだけは罪じゃない [ children should be seated in the child seat section.  Having your child in the arena can cause them to not be able to see anything.  It is against the rules to stand on chairs, whether you are an adult or child.]
    • 応援グッズの振り回し
      [ Don't swing around whatever you've got on your hands. ]
    • うちわ同様、周りの迷惑にならない程度にしましょ。座席の幅は割と狭いので、お隣と私のペンライトが激突して「ごめんなさい」と連発。。。それ依頼、ペンライトも振らなくなった私ですが、本当にキレイな光景なんですよね。凶器とならない程度に、振っちゃってください。
    • トロッコ追いかけ
      [ Don't chase the carts ]
    • これ、やる人信じられません。アホか!?です。
    • 衣装引っぱり
      [ Don't grab the boys or their outfits]
    • 我がチームでいうと、松本さんがラストのほうで客席に飛び込むようなゲリラ行為をたまにするのですが、衣装が破れるほ ど引っ張ったりはやめましょ。危ないですから。あと、自分で飛び込んでおいて、ファンに怒鳴り散らす松本サンを近距離で見たことがありますが、怖いです。 自分が怒られたわけでもないのに、無意味に凹。お互い興奮状態だし、まあ冷静になれというほうがムリックだけど、大好きな人に万が一怪我なんてされたら大 変なことですものね。やめましょう。松本サンもロッカーじゃないんだし、あんまり、無茶やらないほうがいいかもですよ。こんなこと書いてる私ですけど、本 当に本人が飛び込んできたら、触りたいってなるもの。
    • 無駄な叫び行為
      [ No unnecessary screaming ]
    • たまにいます。うるさいし、周りが不愉快です。でも「キャー!!!」は当然ありだから、これ難しいところなので、自分の判断ですよね。コンサートだし、叫ばないと盛り上がらないからね。主には、MC、バラードのときとかに気を使うのが良いかと。
    • ずっと大声で歌う
      [ Don't sing out LOUD the entire time.  The boys usually point the mic into the crowd or tell you when they want you to sing.  Others around you are there to hear the boys, not you. ]
    • どなたかが書いてらっしゃったのですが(すみません、記録してなくて忘れました)、「ファンのみんなは、あなたの歌声 を聴きにきたわけではありません。」と。確かにそうです。私も自分で自分の過去を振り返り、そんなことしてなかったかな〜と考えました。ただC&R時は、 寧ろ歌わないとならんので、そのあたりは臨機応援に。
    • MC、挨拶時にメンバーの名前などを叫ぶ行為
      [ Don't shout out members' name or whatever when they are talking. Matsujun has been known to shush and get upset with the fans that do that.  They boys usually don't respond to you, and everyone considers it rude for you to interrupt their speeches.]
    • 去年あたりひどかったです。挨拶をしているメンバーでないメンバーの名前を叫んだり。ありえないぜ。
    • 録音録画
      [ No recording. Sound nor Visual. ]
    • 刑罰ものです。

    [ その他 ] ~Other

    • コール(嵐)&レスポンス(私たち)では、ノリよく盛り上がりましょう。
      [ Call and Response: It's oky to sing or scream this time. ]
    • 「C&R出来る(出来ない)」ってよく聞かれると思いますが、マイクを観客に向けられたりしたら私たちに歌って欲しいってことだし、「歌え!」と言われたら歌わないとね。
    • みんなで振り付きで楽しみましょう。
    • 私個人の意見ですが、誰かが強制しているわけじゃないし、楽しかったら別に振りなんてどうでもいいです。やってるから 偉いわけでもないし、やらないからファンじゃないなんて思わない。でも、楽しいですよ。これって盆踊りが好きな日本人的な感覚かもしれないけど、会場も嵐 も一体になってみんなで同じ振りつけで踊るの、とっても盛り上がります。なので、時間がある人は、是非いっぱい予習して行ってください。さらに楽しいコン サートとなると思います。
    • 着ぐるみ着用
    • この件に関しては、定かではないので、どなたかアドバイスください。まれにキャラクターの着ぐるみみたいな格好をした 人がいます。まあ服装なので「脱げ」とは言われませんが、DVDなどに映り込むとマズい(Cの関係かな?)と聞きます。自分の参加した回がたまたまDVD 化したときに、そんな奴が周りにいたがために自分の姿箇所がDVDに入れてもらえなかったなんで悲しいですよね。でも、本当のところはわからないので、正 確な情報をお持ちの方、ご連絡御待ちしております。[ Don't wear character costumes.  They often block the view of people around you.]
    • 子供が泣いたら一時退場。
      [ Leave your seat if your kid start to cry. ]
    • ゴミは持ち帰ること。
      [ Take your trash home ]


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[getting there] Osaka Johnny's Official Shop [Aug. 6th, 2010|03:39 pm]
[Tags|, ]

The Johnny's Shop in Osaka is open from 10:30am~6:30pm on weekdays (Monday through Friday) and from
10:00am~7:00pm on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

This is the address:
大阪市中央区西心斎橋1-12-8 大美建築ビル1F

Getting there:
The easiest way to get there (there is probably a bus, but I am not sure about it) is by subway.

Take the Midosuji Line to Shinsaibashi Station and get out of the Number 8 Exit.

This exit brings you out to the Hotel Nikko Osaka and across the street are department stores.

From here, you want to turn left and walk down the street.

At the very first corner, turn left, and walk down that side street.

You will see the Johnny's store on your right hand side on the first floor of a darker grey building right after the paid parking structure.

***Photos to come soon***

If you need additional information, Call (Japanese): 06-6243-2220
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[venue] Tokyo Dome (Tokyo) [Feb. 16th, 2010|10:50 am]

Tokyo Dome (東京ドーム)
Official site (in English)

Tokyo Dome is located  in Suidobashi in Tokyo.

It seats around 55,000 (not including arena seats).
Seating chart. (note that this does not show Arena seats.  These tend to vary depending on the set up of the stage)

JR中央線・総武線 Chuo Sobu Line (yellow line) 《水道橋駅》 Suidobashi Station.
      You can either take the East or West exit. Both will take you to the venue by crossing the river and the street, but I usually take the East exit so I dont have to walk over the street. Also, this brings you to the JCB Hall, where they sometimes have a second/third goods area set up.   However, the West exit is technically closer to the venue.
Mita Line
, 《水道橋駅》 Suidobashi Station.
      Take any of the exits A2-A5 to come to Tokyo Dome City.
  南北線・丸ノ内線 Subway Nanboku or Marunouchi line, 《後楽園駅》 Korakuen Station.
      Take exit 1 or 2.
  大江戸線 Subway Oedo line, 《春日駅》 Kasuga Station.
Take exit A1.
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[venue] Theater Creation (Tokyo) [Feb. 16th, 2010|10:28 am]

Theater Creation (シアタークリエ)
Official Site (in Japanese)

Theater Creation or "Shiata- Kurie" is located in Hibiya near the Nissay Theater.
It seats 609. View the Seating Chart.

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line東京メトロ千代田線, Hibiya Station 日比谷駅, 2 minute walk from Exit A13出口
Tokyo Metro Hibiya line 東京メトロ日比谷線, Hibiya Station 日比谷駅, 3 minute walk from Exit A5
Tokyo Metro Ginza line 東京メトロ銀座線, Ginza Station 銀座駅, 5 minute walk from Exit C1出口
JR Yurakucho Station 有楽町駅, 7 minute walk from Hibiya Exit 日比谷口

The closest station/exit to the venue is the A13 exit off the Chiyoda line from Hibiya station. 
Access Map
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[Getting There] Arashi Related Locations [Dec. 19th, 2009|05:04 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Aiba's family Restaurant

Haikei, Chichi-ue Sama There are various places in and around Kagurazaka that have to do with Haikei.  If you walk around, you will run into a lot of the places you are looking for. 

To get to Kagurazaka, here are your options:

Kagurazaka Sta, Tozai Line (Exit 2): 2 min. walk Ushigome-Kagurazaka Sta., Oedo Line (Exit A1): 8 min walk Edogawabashi Sta., Yurakucho Line (Exit 2): 10 min walk Iidabashi Sta, Namboku/Yurakucho/Tozai/Oedo/JR Sobu Lines (Exit B3): 11 min walk

Canal Cafe
Iidabashi is the closest station to Canal Cafe.  Take the B2a exit from the Metro, or the West exit from JR and cross the street.  You will see the cafe along the canal to your left.

Hana Yori Dango
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[Getting There] Hana Yori Dango Locations [Dec. 19th, 2009|02:19 pm]

Everyone and there mom in the jdrama or Arashi fandoms has seen HYD.

Wouldn't you love it if you could recreate the scenes!?

Getting there is easy!

Ebisu Garden Place

Take the JR Yamanote line or take the Hibiya subway line and get off at Ebisu.  Once you get to the station, go to the East exit and use the Ebisu Sky walk (moving sidewalk) to get to Ebisu Garden place in 10 minutes.

Domyoji's House (also used in Ohno's latest mini drama, Guest of Room 0)
This requires a journey because it is in Fukushima prefecture. The easiest way to get there is to take the shinkansen up to Shin-Shirakawa station, and take the bus to the British Hills. 
There are only three bus times a day (10am, 2pm, and 4:10pm) so be careful.  
It's pretty expensive to stay there, I havent been, so I can't really tell you anything about it, but you can check out their website for more info.

Ueno Zoo
Getting to Ueno Zoo is VERY easy.  Take the JR Yamanote line to Ueno station, and take the UenoSubway Ueno Stations (Ginza-line or Hibiya-line), Keisei Ueno Station, or Subway Nezu Station (Chiyoda-line).

Longboard Cafe California Drive-In

This is the place that Yuki and Tsukushi often go.  I forget what episodes it was in, but I think it was featured on the show twice. 
To get here, go to Odaiba's Aqua City.  it is located on the 2nd floor.
You can either get to Odaiba on the Yurikamome line (accessible from JR Shinbashi Station) Daiba station... or you can use the metro to get to the Tokyo Teleport station on the Rinkai line...
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